Reservation Solutions Services was founded based on years of airline experience working at major airports.

When flights are delayed or cancelled, we know hours are spent calling hotels trying to find accommodations for hundreds of people, simultaneously arranging transport to those hotels as well. Just pick up the phone. Make one call to us and save hours of hassle and aggravation.

Our staff, with over 50 years of experience in the airline and hotel industries, will work with our unique contacts and special databases to find you the rooms you need within minutes. Let us put your mind at ease. We will book your rooms and organise the transport to get your passengers and crew to the places they need to stay. And, we will get you the best rates available.

Why Choose Us?

Reservation Solutions Services mission is to ensure the quickest, most cost-effective and best possible accommodations.

Our services allow your personnel to continue assisting passengers. Don’t burden them with research and phone time. Partner with Reservation Solutions Services and we will provide the search-and-book service for the hotels closest to you. Reservation Solutions Services is available to you worldwide.

When you use our Leisure Booking Services we can arrange hotel accommodations at any location in any country. Ground transport can also be arranged via coach, limo or taxi to and from the hotels. We offer the best current rates for hotels and ground transport.

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