Flight Delay

When flights are cancelled, your airport staff will have to deal with hundreds of people who want to know what will happen next. Using Reservation Solutions Services is a quick and easy solution. We will organise hotel rooms and transport for your passengers. A partnership with us is one you can’t live without.

Reservation Solutions Services is available 24/7 and is able to offer its services worldwide.

  • A company that stays in constant touch with your operation.
  • One-phone-call availability to seek hotels with preferred rates.
  • Able to book individual passengers and large groups.
  • Work with major hotel groups and independent hotels.
  • Arrange transport from executive cars to coaches.
  • Ability to secure hotel reservations for up-line stations.
  • Preferred hotels that can accommodate special needs.
  • Detailed monthly reports on the number of rooms used.
  • Dedicated staff for one-on-one problem solving.
  • Airline Customer can book an Airport Lounge while waiting at the Airport due to their flight been delayed.
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